Capitalism: A Love Story

The new Michael Moore film Capitalism: A Love Story. playing in two LA area theaters the Landmark & Arclight in Hollywood, is just what we need at this time when none of us really know where we are headed as workers, a nation and globe.

Moore outlines how evil capitalism is by having thinkers explain its faults, morality (of lack of), and its unsustainability, while also featuring people getting kicked out of the home, people squatting in their home, the "bottom feeders" that are making money off the sad state of foreclosures and the successful strike by door and window factory workers in Chicago. He takes us down the path of 'derivatives' which Wall St. invented to make themselves even richer, yet no one can really explain what they are. The saddest evils of capitalistic greed involved major corps taking out life insurance policies on their workers and how one judge and private youth prison herded youth into prison for profits.

You don't have to tell me how crazy and immoral people can get in the pursuit of money, but Moore's film is necessary today as much as his other films which poke at our issues just before they reach even Joe the Plumber and his ilk. I highly recommend you go see this film. You may know some if not all of the issues and questions raised but nonetheless we need to have these conversations with all of us and this film is perfect for launching into these topics.

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HispanicPundit said...

Maybe the film is "perfect" for launching into capitalism discussions, but it's awfully bad on basic economics. The only people who are going to take it seriously are the Chicano Studies types who know as much about economics as Christians know about evolution.

Those who know economics, even liberal economists, will find the movie, much like the recently released movie, "The End Of Poverty" by Phillipe Diaz, a joke.

Though it does say alot about those who find the movie worthwhile.