I want my latte in East LA

Recently I popped into a conversation that basically pointed out how we only have Mexican food, some Asian, and corporate chains like McCaca in the areas surrounding East LA. They wanted good French Toast and coffee.

I felt their need.

I ran through my head and checked my "Around Me" app. and yes we don't have any bar b que joints, a soul food spot, a Peruvian restaurant, French (nouveau or otherwise), or good old American food (biscuits n gravy? eggs benedict?) in the barrio within walking distance.

At the same time walking distance for who?

I could walk to Chinatown, which I have done several times, but can and will my friends further from the river be down to hike it?

I remember hearing years ago that Starbucks didn't think they would do well in East LA or heavily populated Latino areas. Well the one in Monterey Park is usually packed, the one on 3 rd isn't hurting and the one in South Gate has a line in its drive thru all the time. I know the IHOPs near the barrio are always packed with families. So it would seem fair to believe that a non Mexican restaurant would do very well in the barrio, but who will take that chance?

My friends in that conversation and I obviously don't want more corporate fare but a good cafe like Antigua was (they could have used a bigger menu) awesome and desired on those Sunday mornings when good coffee and some pancakes would hit the spot. Of course I would want some cafe de olla and pan dulce on the menu as well.


victoria em k said...

Orale holmes. What coffee shop is that with you in the picture?

Anonymous said...

You should try Arctic Hotspot in Boyle Heights! It's actually the first specialty coffeehouse/cafe in the barrio! And I heard from an inside source that they're in the process of converting to a bakery, but not a simple panaderia! The owner is a hotel chef and her desserts ARE THE BOMB!! They also serve awesome sandwiches, tostadas, and salads that you can only find at fine dining restaurants!! CHECK THEM OUT!! They're at 2509 E 4th Street, right across from Roosevelt High School!!!!