Those who...

Those who know, don't say (or can't)
Those who say, don't know.
- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

On vacation, trying to input final grades but my online grade book is giving me problems. Hopefully it will be resolved by the end of the day.

Been laying low online, at least in blogotitlan, because I don't have much to say. I guess my brain has shut down, probably like my student's once that last paper is submitted and it is in the hands of fate. Of course there is always a lot to talk about and share, but nothing seems to compel me to sit here and write.

Compel. I like that word in context ; )

The good kind of context. Like I'm compelled to write right now about how I don't have anything to write. Maybe it's to shake the brain cells and get them to write about something good?

Oh here is a good one, I was taken to what I think is the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to, and I've had a lot of Thai, Daisy Mint in Pasadena. From there I went on a nice walk through Cal Tech and found out that Jackson Katz was going to be there the following Tuesday. That meant another meal at Daisy Mint and another walk onto Cal Tech. Cal Tech is so beautiful. I love that place. I want to bring Katz to CSUN next semester as well as organize a panel on Latinos in the new era of media.

Ah Malcolm X's b-day is today. Who doesn't love Malcolm X?

Yes the parties are always there for me. Last Sunday Marques Wyatt rocked his DEEP like only he can. Tonight is Richard's B-day party at Ecco, which will like always be huge (Will I Am DJing?); Saturday Raul Campos and Tony Largo welcome Tony Powell to Flow; Doc Martin is doing the Doc Martin thing which is always tops w/ Luke Solomon; Sunday of a Memorial Day weekend in LA is always special and this time we got The Heist (the biggest 18+ party) teaming up with Solmatic Records (21+ party pros) for a big shingdig at the legendary Florentine Gardens AND right next door DEEP has the Shelter's Timmy Regisford in the main room and Paul T. and Harvey in the side room. Haven't heard Paul and Harvey in a minute and let me tell you those vatos got records that will make you go 'dannnnng that is good stuff.' And of course the random party or bar b que that pops up is always welcomed and appreciated. ooops I forgot about the pool side parties that are lining up too!

So I guess when I don't have anything to write about I can always write about what my friends are doing and invite you. See you on the dancefloor...


cindylu said...

I had a research methods class with Katz a while ago. I didn't know about all his anti violence work until a friend told me.

Anonymous said...

daisy mint....mmmmm so good =)

Richard's b-day party was rocking last night! You know how I feel about him and his crew sometimes, but last night was just off the hook. I had a blast.

Going to DEEP this sunday is only worth it for DJ Harvey. TR just didn't do it for me last year. Harvey is the bomb!


El Random Hero said...

New era of media ? as in blogging ? Hmm...(hint, hint)

don quixote said...

The great Malcolm X was not only a philospher and fighter for racial equality but a funny funny man