Gung Hay Fat Choy!

This past Saturday Q and I walked down to Chinatown for the Golden Dragon Parade

We thought were running late, but we actually got there right on time. They were running on CPT.

This is the first of many dragons.

The Queen and her court.

Next Dragon. I love them.

These guys got up close and would take red envelopes from peeps.

A group of dragons. Note the giant chicken in the background.

Commerce Casino princesses

Taipei's float. If you can zoom in you can see her cell phone in her hand.

Tijuana's Drum Line Los Lobos

The first group of API's for equal marriage rights. They had the largest group of marchers.

More of the equal marriage rights folks.

They were followed by Danzantes

The Ox float!!!

I missed a lot of peeps and no marching bands and drill teams. I was using my iPhone camera for the first time.
The parade is something me and Q have gone to on and off since she was a baby. We have a good time always.
These girls were helping to promo their sale and were just so out of place at the parade happening right in front of them. It's so L.A.

We walked back over the bridge. It felt shorter walking home than going.

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El Random Hero said...

I'm surprised I didn't run into you guys, I was up and down that thing. I was using my phone and looks like you got some decent shots