DJ Culture pt. 1

I hosted my radio show's 15th anniversary this Sunday. 15 years of what I think is the best music mixed by the best DJs in the world. I need to vent.

I love DJing, DJs, talking about DJing, and all that DJs have done; shown us that beauty is in the mix. Most of the DJs that I have met over the years have been great people. All of them turn into hyper kids when we talk about music and DJing as only DJs with other DJs can talk.

My journey with DJing started in backyard parties in ELA. Later, I DJed halls, restaurants and banquet rooms. I eventually went into the warehouses, sports arenas, forests, beaches, and the Queen Mary! I dream about DJing more than anything else. I am addicted.

I wrote my Master's thesis on DJs of East L.A.

Can't wait to get home today and spin for an hour or so.

This coming weekend, also on the Queen Mary, DJs older than me, that inspired and taught me the tricks of DJing are doing their own party, celebrating their era of DJing. All respect, I know how they feel about it.

Once a DJ always a DJ. Anyone I have met who was once a DJ and quit it all together is one sad vato. Once you are hooked by the mix you need to do it every now and then to feel it, hear it, bump to it, and share it.

DJing is existential, when you are riding two records and they are totally synched on beat, key, and structure you are in a space that will only exist for that moment. When you are digging through the crate for the next record you are in space in the future, imagining what record will sound best with the one that is currently playing. You are predicting (or knowing) exactly how your dancefloor is going to react. You are in the moment and a little ahead of it, pushing it, raising the volume, moving a group into another space.

Today, with your I-pod, everyone can make their own playlist. Everyone is a DJ, to a degree. amen...